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Color & Marking Examples

Page Still Under Construction

We have many to choose from.. this is not meant to be a chart on genetics, or *why* the colors are what they appear.. but just a simple chart for helping you to put a *name* to your pup's color for your records or registrations..
White, creams, reds, fawns, blacks, blues, solids, brindles, speckled/ticked, pied, and so on..
This chart will also help you determine your dogs *pigment* color... black, chocolate, liver, red, blue..[ or "pink" - which is a lack of pigment]..

Pigment Colors..

Black Pigment.. [ to tell pigment, notice the nose, eye rims, lips..]



Blue pigment color..

[also to be considered a "Blue", the pigment color must be blue.. Blue is a dilute of Black. so there will be NO black on the dog anywhere if the pigment is Blue]


Chocolate/Red/Liver pigment color..

 [Chocolate is produced by a "Black blocking" gene, so again, there will be NO Black on the dog if it carries the Black Blocking Gene]..




Coat Colors..
Brindles * Brindle is a base coat color with stripes or markings of a darker color..  the "stripes/marks" are the same color as the pigment,, sometimes the stripes or marks are so close together and so much that they become the dominant color, which is then called a Reverse brindle.. [or also called "black brindle" by some]

Titan is a Tiger Brindle/White. notice the definite striping effect of the marks.

Cody -Tiger Brindle and White


Midnight Star is a Reverse Brindle [Black Brindle]

very little of her beige base coat shows through the heavy black markings.

Reverse Brindle and White


Choc.Brindle/White with Ticking [choc. pigment]


Red Brindle/White

Ticking  Ticking is a old color, dog show fanciers in the 19 hundreds bred away from the older more muted colors [the ticked, brindles, and dark colors] in favor of the "pure" colors like pure Reds, Fawns, red/white.. they thought the clean crisp colors showed up better and were more "flashy" looking in the ring.. most of the "working" dogs kept the more muted, camouflage colors.

Care Bear is a White /Brindle/Ticked 

(notice how the "ticking" covers the white areas)

another Brindle with Ticking

Scarlet is a red & white with ticking.

(Notice again how the white areas are ticked)



Fawns /Reds

BlueFawn/White.[this dog has Blue pigment] sometimes its hard to see pigment in pictures.




Black/white/brindle points =  Black "Trindle".. a tri-color pattern.


Sable/White.[not Tri-color]

notice on Sables how the hairs are "Tipped" with black.. so even though it gives the tri-color effect, and is three [or more] colors . in a tri the hairs are not tipped!

Havana (pictured above) is red & white with a liver nose and she also has sable in her coat. Look at the area around her neck and notice the white hairs are tipped with color.



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